Happiness is a choice – so what has that to do with root cause analysis?

A true story that happened during my coaching activities.

With a bit of the right focus you will happybecome happy: it will solve your issues!

Problem solving the KT way takes so much time! This is often what we (KT) hear when we challenge people to think first and act later. But a couple of weeks ago I was able to show a client that by just adding focus with the KT problem solving process, progress can be made within an hour and the an incident is instantaneously solvable.

The client had sorted some top priority IT incidents and several teams were scheduled for a “KT-Consult” for about an hour to learn how KT clear thinking could help. I was facilitating the content experts and asking KT questions: what I saw happening was heartbreaking. There was a lot of resistance to taking the time to analyze problems and a tendency to jump to the “obvious” cause.

For example, one incident was reported as follows: Arabic expiration date causing WX generation to fail. I suggested we take a moment and ask what is happening here and what evidence do we have, such as errors, screen shots etc.

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